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Enough with the Elves already

Jun 07, 2010
Krokotopia is one of the places that abuse the use of Fire Elves, the most.. I am not even ice and I can predict the next spell casted will be a fire elf. This is fine there are loop holes around it when you are not Ice or a fire wizard.

But still, why does every single creature abuse Fire Elves. Even if their school is not FIRE? Ice school creatures even abuse this spell. It is pretty bad in Dragonspyre too. If every creature is not spamming Elves on you, in DS they spam Heckhounds. or weekness.

I can see Heckhound spamming in DS, but this is Flakking KT the eleves should of stayed out of KT, ore even lower the percent on how many creatures cast this spell. It is so bad to the point especilly in the fire area, when every fight is 2 on 1 if you are soloing. you can guarntee the creatures will both have Fire Elf on you at the same time.

Once one Elf Aura burns out, and if the other creature is alive it will cast another elf on you.

This needs a fix all these creature should stop abuseing the Elf spell,and in DS ever single creature does not need a weekness spell on them , They have OVER 1k hp some 2k. they DO NOT need to abuse weekness.

Jul 04, 2009
I agree completely. Fire Elf is not only abused, but the mutate versions of the elemental spells are heavily abused ... and it starts as early as WC!!

However, I do not see Heckhound being accessible to anyone outside of Fire, as it is a Fire-only spell. I also don't subscribe to the belief that it is OK for it to be in DS. Dragonspyre Academy once had all the schools, only the Fire school was left undamaged, but there are no teachers in all of Dragonspyre, not even "secret trainers." Since all the monsters in this world represent all the schools, there is no specialty here like there is in the WC and KT areas. Heckhound absolutely needs to go.

I solo a good 95% of the spiral, and I can tell you that Weakness is also abused beyond belief. It is not unusual for me to have several on me in the first 3 rounds of battle. It needs to be taken away from regular monsters and severely limited for the Elites and Bosses.