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emprors retreat is sooo hard ant helpers

Jan 07, 2010
i find it impossible how do you complete it so plz may i have some people to help me :D and if not some tips of how to complete it

A+ Student
Jan 05, 2009
I would suggest a small deck designed for the bosses you will be facing (Ice). You don't say what your school is, so unless you are ice:

4 copies of your 4-pip spell
3-4 blades
3-4 traps
3 heals
5 wand spells (fire would be nice)

Turn 1) Blade
Turn 2) Trap (who depends on damage doen by 4-pip spell, usually minion)
Turn 3) You should have 4 pips by now, destroy minion
Repeat turns 1-3 on boss if your health is okay.*
Wand boss to death, or if really needed, repeat turns 1-3 on boss again.

*if you need health, use a heal to get back 400, and toss in a wand spell to build up pips again.

Always, and I repeat always, refill health between bosses (note, there are only 5 battles in total here, so give yourself enough time).

If you are ice, you will have to add in prisms (add 4), but you probably don't need traps as damage is boosted. If they put up a fire shield before you get your prism up, just hit with fire wand to knock down that defense.

Treasure cards: fire elf is good, maybe a fire minion (?)...