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Did Not Collect................item

Jul 04, 2009
Does anyone else find it extremely frustrating when you fight and then have to fight again even though you won?
I am now going for the 6th attempt in defeating Sokkwi crusher, already defeated him 5 times but STILL haven't got the key.
I enjoy this game and love a good challenge but its very boring and annoying when one has to keep going back over and over the same quest all because it didn't drop an item!
It seems there are MORE fizzles as you get higher in the game too and just when you think you are about to win with just one more spell, along comes a fizzle!
OK, thats my whinge for the day. lol.

May 04, 2009
I saw this a lot, especially when I got up in Marleybone. I had to defeat 12 ruffians up there to get whatever it was they had.

I found that (like Diego says) there is power in numbers. I look for others who are fighting the same guys and ask them if I can join. That way we both increase the number of guys we are fighting and the chances for getting what we need. It helps both of us. And it's more fun fighting with someone else too. Have fun!


Oct 24, 2008
When I was in Dragon spire it used to happen the most there. My suggestion is try to swicth realms OR you could wait a while and try again! Cause thats what i tried and it does get annoying so like i said try switching realms or waiting a while. Hope this helps!

~ Annabell7~