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defeat protector of the fang

Aug 10, 2009
:( hi please can anyone help me? i have defeated the protector of the fang and collocted the soul dust in the vault of ice 4 times now with my daughter. her task has gone and she was given a new one. mine will not go from my quests on my book. it we unlocked all the locks and won all our fights and it is still there. what do i do?????????????????????????????????

May 20, 2010
You must have missed something somewhere. Check your quest list.

If this doesn't help, send in a ticket to Support.

Jun 12, 2010
I cant get to the Keeper of the fang, I unlocked 2 locks, I go to the next riddle, and there is nothing for me to solve! I defeted the souls a bunch of times too, but that didn't work. I was on there for about 3 hours just trying to open the last lock! And the Protector of the Fang's chamber riddle is the one I am stuck on, I think.

Jul 20, 2009
You have to defeat the other 3 bosses first, and solve their puzzles, I know it's kind of confusing for some people. It was confusing for me the first time I went in the Vault of Ice, but now I get it.

Jul 25, 2010
what you guys are saying dus not help, we need real help now. how do you do the oblisk one?

Mar 12, 2010
You get a quest from Zan'ne in the Library, and the last part of the quest is to get something from the obelisk in the Vault of Ice.

But you can't get into the Vault of Ice until you get the main storyline quest from Shalek the Wise in the Entrance Hall.

Then you can do both quests at the same time.

In the Vault of Ice, you must defeat three bosses BEFORE you can defeat the Keeper of the Fang and get the Obelisk at the same time. (I think the three bosses are the Defender, Protector, and Guardian. I might have these names mixed up a little bit, but there are 3 bosses and then the BIG boss. Look at your map when you get into the Vault and you will see all of the names.)