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Complete Krokotopian History

Jul 21, 2009
If any knows the entire history of Krokotopia, please tell me! I'm working on a story and I need to know every single thing about this place!!!!

I think a wizard and Krok got together and had children but I'm not 100 percent positive...

Please do not post unless information is true. Any links to about Krokotopia history would be nice.

P.S: I checked out Wizard101 central and it's wikia, wizard101 wikia and other wizard101 related websites. I gotta say w101central doesn't have much information on things like these...

Thank you!
W.V.S, Author and Level 61 Necromancer

Jul 30, 2011
I don't know much, but I can tell you a brief about early Krokotopia,

For thousands of years, Krokotopia was once land to the Mander Race. Until one day, a land risen upon the Manders. The land contain Kroks, tired and hungry from their trek. They began to capture the hospitality of the Manders. They unleashed cruelty onto the Manders, and from there the Mander Race lived under the ruling of the Kroks.