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can't get back in krokotopia

Apr 10, 2011
Please help me!

I am 13 level and just got in krokotopia...after 2 days i tried to loggin from a diferrent pc and i get the message that i am not allowed to reach this area!! my chara's sprite at the character selection screen is the one i had in the beggening of the game and not my 13 lvl chara!!!

May 20, 2010
I'll take a guess as to what you meant.

The game files (including all the graphics) are stored on the computer. If the computer you logged in from didn't have Krokotopia on it, then you'll have to wait until enough of the area is downloaded to that computer before the game will continue.

If you can't log on and/or get to Krokotopia on that wizard from your usual computer, send in a ticket to Support.