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Mar 28, 2009
half of the badges for krokotopia is not being gave to me when i do what they need to be done for them. Can anyoen tell me how to fix it or will they.

Please remember, discovering a badge and earning a badge are two different things.

When you discover a badge, it means you have unlocked the ability to earn the badge. You will receive a message such as 'Spider Squisher Badge Discovered' and this means you've discovered it, not that you've earned it.

When you've earned a badge by completing the requirements for that badge, you will receive a message such as 'Spider Squisher Badge Earned'.

If you feel you have EARNED a badge but it did not show up in your list of badges, just tell us which one.

Mar 28, 2009
i bet the dude for mander savior and did not get his badge and i bet all the quests in krokosphinx unless there some ppl hiden in there that not showing up with quests for the krokosphinx delver badge so can you tell me if i miss or did not do something that need to be done for them badges.