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badge problems-help

Dec 15, 2008
i am a lvl 50 grandmaster thaumaturge so for something to do i get badges, but in krokotopia i have completed every quest in the oaisis cause i looked for quests and none and i no i have none left in the pyramid, in the krokosphinx and in the tomb of storms cause i have badges yet i dont have badge for completing - (idk why it started new paragraph it one sentence)

every quest in krok. and i no there is a badge cause i saw on a guide on fan website but since i dont have it, is there one? or is there a quest i am missing?
someone plz help

connor daycatcher lvl 50 grandmaster thaumaturge 8)
master of ice

May 22, 2009
I am also missing the Master of Oasis badge and I have completed all the quests in Krok. Even the crafting and the one hidden inside the deck shop.

KI, if this is a bug, please let me know. I am tired of flying around krok looking for this elusive badge.

Hannah Lifebringer Level 50 Life

Jul 04, 2009
Some badges have been removed (Master of the Oasis) and some badges are currently bugged (i.e., Mander Savior). Apparently, some badge pages do not have badges for every slot. Here is an up-to-date list of the badges.