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Am I to high level for Krok?

Mar 06, 2014
Hello. My new wizard is a level 31 just starting Krok. He's in the first area of Krok, Royal Hall. Am I to high level for it? I hope I am. Here is how he's this level just starting Krok. If you guys are wondering how. I side quested, I power leveled, I did winterbane and pagoda lots of times. I also did all of the side worlds.

Thanks, Adam SoulCaster Riddle."I am a Riddle, The son of Voldemort."
Adam SoulCaster Riddlelevel 83, Mangrove Marsh, Azteca
Adam SoulCasterlevel 31, Royal Hall, Krokotopia
Morgrim StormHunterlevel 52, Survey Camp, Celestia
Patrick,level 5, Unicorn Way, Wizard City

Jun 30, 2013
Lol, Well of course Level 31 starting Krokotopia is too high, as that was the level I had LEFT Krok

Aug 31, 2012
There is no such thing as "too high a level", although you are greatly above average. You shouldn't be ashamed that you are questing beside people half your level, you should be proud that you've made such an accomplishment, reaching a new world at such an advanced level. You will fly through Krokotopia, without having to disturb your friends to ask for their help. That is the advantage of being overleveled, and I like it. My storm is level 56, and questing near the beginning of Mooshu, and proud of it.

I'm curious to ask how your wizard can be level 31 so early in the game, there aren't many ways to level up before Krokotopia. Perhaps, you've gone a long time without a membership and you've leveled up a lot through bane, pagoda, and spiral cup. I have a close friend who's never had a membership, and level 30 close to 31, in Wizard City. She's played for many years, and I can imagine her being exalted in late Avalon/early Azteca if she got a membership and side quested.