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Almost as long as P101's Cool Ranch!

Jan 04, 2014
Maybe it's just me, but doesn't it feel like Krokotopia takes forever?! I find my self being reminded of Pirate's Cool Ranch, which took ages. I just started Tomb of Storms, though, and I was wondering, how long (approximately) do I have left to go, assuming I don't take breaks? Thx

Dec 17, 2010
LOL! Either you sped through Cool Ranch, or you've been doing every side quest you can find, and more, in Krokotopia. I completed Krokotopia in a little less than a week. Try using Team Up for any dungeon, it helps a lot. Tomb of Storms is very quick. You can finish it within a day if you try.

Mar 31, 2009
The Tomb of Storms is the last Area in Krokotopia. So not very long at all. I finished Storms in a one evening sitting with my same level friend, just make sure that you don't accept side quests and stay on the main questline. (See Krokotopia Quest Tree) It used to be longer because they didn't have the teleporters that they do now.

Good luck!

You can also find a higher level to speed blast everything for you. That is nice if you can find someone to do that.

Apr 07, 2011
Unlike Pirate101, all of the worlds in Wizard101 should only take ten levels.

I guess it's just how much someone enjoys a world that makes the world feel like it takes a while.

Jan 19, 2009
It's much, much easier nowadays completing dungeons. I'm going to sound like a total elderly person here, but back in my days of wizarding (okay, I don't fork over money for memberships often so don't laugh at my level compared with my join date), we didn't have options to join a dungeon, etc. We either had to fight through it alone, make friends that happen to be doing the same quest, or wait endless hours until someone finally joined the same dungeon.

Just make sure to use these new services and you'll be done with Krokotopia in an instant.

Melissa Smith - Master Sorcerer Lvl. 45