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Again again and again

Jan 07, 2009
I am stuck on a quest in Emperor's Retreat in krokosphinx, and I have had to repeat it about 6 times. I have to defeat 2 princes, save 6 slaves, and beat a key keeper, but thats as far as I have gotten. But whenever I log out, die, or leave the area the quest RESTARTS. What's going on

Thanks, Travis Fireblade, level 24 :)

Dec 02, 2008
If you're out of an instance for too long, it resets. Walking out of the instance resets it immediately, and I suspect that logging off does, too. Dying or fleeing does not immediately reset it, but you do have to get back quickly before it resets. Hurry to get back and you can refill your life by grabbing wisps inside the instance. I don't know the exact amount of time you have, but I think it's around 5 minutes.