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accsess problems in krokotopia (friend)

Jul 21, 2012
My problem is that i am a level 12 and i am not allowed in krokotopia so my friend was in krokotopia and i teleported to him and it was fine but then when i try to enter again it said that i am not allowed to play because i am currenntly not the certain level to be in that world so could you help please?

You have not earned your own way in the Spiral, young Wizard.

Once you have completed all your required assignments in Wizard City, Merle Ambrose will ask you to investigate Krokotopia.

Once you have been given that quest, you can access the Spiral door by entering Bartleby the World Tree.

After you’ve completed Krokotopia, you can move on to Marleybone, then MooShu, then Dragonspyre, then Celestia, then Zafaria, then Avalon.
You can visit Grizzleheim at level 5, but cannot return until level 20.
You can visit Wysteria at level 25.