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Access to the Frozen Lake / re Zeke's Beetle

Jun 03, 2012
Can anyone tell me if it is possible to get to the Frozen Lake (trying to reach a forgotten Zeke Beetle) after the quest has been finished. It appears to me that all the doors etc. to reach it are closed and need a lever pulled or a lock unlocked. It is the only beetle that I need to reach and I am stuck. If I need to repeat the quest(s), can anyone tell me name of the quest(s) that will give me access? Thanks for any help.

When you first entered that dungeon and progressed through the steps to complete the quest, you will also have to repeat those steps again to reach the frozen lake.

You've done it once already so it should be pretty easy for you again, just make sure you talk to Shalek when you first enter the dungeon.

Jun 03, 2012
Thank you Professor, I think I knew the answer, I just wanted an easier approach since its that last beetle I need. Off I go to get that pesky beetle!