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A set of steak knives quest

Mar 27, 2010
I have this quest a set of steak knives.I did the first knife.I did the second knife but when i went to get what was supposed to be given the question mark was still grey.Did anyone else have a problem with this?

You must have the crafted items in your backpack to turn in the quest. Once you've created them, make sure you don't store, sell or destroy them. If you do, you can create a replacement, and then the quest should continue for you.

If you want the prize, you have to build the ladder rung by rung. There are no shortcuts.
May 20, 2010
If you made both items already, you can buy them back at the Bazaar and turn them in for quest credit.

Note that you can't just buy the items at the Bazaar without crafting them. The game knows if you've actually crafted them in the first place.