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what level should i be when i finish khrysalis?

May 07, 2015
hello wizards! its me again! so, anyway, what level should I be when I finish khrysalis? right now, my fire wizard is in the sardonyx, on the quest called swirling leaf. my fire wizard is also level 103, and what gear should my wizard have? she has level 90 cold fury kickers, and my robe is the rattlebones exalted duel fire robe, and my hat is the fire hat from rattlebones. my wand is the shocking truth tiki torch. my amulet is one from khrysalis, and my dagger I think is either the blade of the felled titan, or one from Polaris, I forgot. and my ring, I forget what that is, maybe one from khrysalis or Azteca. if I remember the rest, I will post it.

Apr 01, 2013
Hello there!

My way of thinking what level you should be is when did the world come out? When the level cap was 100. So you are on track on levels!

However, the gear may be a bit of problem for a level 103. Have you ever thought of Darkmoor maybe? That may be a huge upgrade.

The Athame, Amulet and Ring.. Well.. I would recommend the athame dropped from Darkmoor, the Amulet is random, and the ring is either one from Darkmoor or the Alpha and Omega !!

Hope this helped!

Alejandro Story