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Tips for Balance Wizards Defeating Kaliklak?

Jul 27, 2013
So, I've tried literally 4 times to defeat Kailklak, and I've died every single time.

I tried buying new gear, affixing jewels, and learning new spells. I have a lot of resist on me (71% Ice and 80% Storm), but they aren't helping me. I've also packed heals like satyr and pixie treasure cards, but I still keep on dying.

My attack isn't also very good (41% Balance), and compared to my old gear, it's super weak, but my old gear had horrible resist.

I also cannot afford henchman, and I'm scared that if I get one, all my crowns will go down the drain, and it will die.

The boss also keeps putting shields. I want and need to get shatter, but the treasure card is pretty expensive. He and the minions also do that aura with -15% damage, and that just makes everything worse.

I've also tried defeating the minions first, but I still end up getting killed.

Any Balance Wizards able to give me tips about gear, deck setup, and how to defeat Kailklak?
(I don't have Sabertooth, so please don't mention about that in your tips )

**Edit: I have defeated Kaliklak**