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This is semi-old but awesome Easter egg.

Jul 27, 2009
Khrysalis is just one big reference to the Avatar Last Airbender saga.

We would be considered the Avatar in my theory, and the bastion would be the southern water tribe. If you know anything about the series you know they were being always attacked by the fire nation which would be the spiders, most likely. And the northern water tribe would be the burrowers in the queen myrtle town area. The Mantis people would be the earth kingdom but transformed to fight instead of being slaves by morganthe which would change what the fire-lord would have done. And also the fifth column of mantis people in the Umbra legion could be people that betrayed the fire nation to fight for freedom. And also in khrysalis part to there might be more references to this and if morganthe is somehow fire then that would complete this and make it very true probably..

Not I know this is just basically a fan-fiction but I think it deserves some level of thought because it is also talking about how Khrysalis had been in a 100 year war and that you did more in the time you were there than the entire length of the war. So I think there Is a good chance they made khrysalis another easter egg world like Marleybone.

Sep 29, 2008
While the 2 storys could be considdered similar i'm not sure thats what they were actually going for when they wrote the story and morganthe is death.