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Team up for Tree Roots

Sep 01, 2009
My exalted death has reached the dreaded Tree Roots. I've tried using team up, and am always left waiting. So I was hoping I could find a team here, preferably people who have done it before. From what I remember, the Roots needs to be killed with one shot, so a storm with Bugs, another elemental school with blades, and a balance (plus my death), would be the perfect combination.

I'll check back here in a few days, and thanks in advance!

Hogs and quiches

Jun 04, 2014
You don't need all those players really to win the battle. But of course more players are better. All you need is a "tank" person in first position to absorb all the damage. Most of the tree attacks are against the first position. As far as needing an instant kill, you really don't. You can wear each trunk down until it only has a few hundred health left, and then hit all of them at the same time with a decent group attack to bring them down all the way. I have soloed against them (I am life, but with good jade gear). It was a long battle, but it's not a difficult strategy.

If you do not get someone in the next day or so to help let me know. We can try it on Thursday 3/30/2017. I can be online starting at 8 PM Pacific Coast time to assist. If you have an alternate time, let me know, but I usually can only play at night during the week. Weekends are more flexible.