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Stuck outside Ruined Alcazar

Dec 10, 2008
I just ran the Starfall Sea through the great beast and got to ruined Alcazar. I went to go help a friend after I was done in there but didn't use the teleporter to Hart Island and now I have no way to get back to the Ruined Alcazar. Do I have to run the Starfall Sea again? Through The Great Beast? If so this is an extremely stupid way of doing things. Why do I have to run through that dungeon again just to get back to the Ruined Alcazar just so that I can teleport away from there?

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Oran LegendStaff - 58

Dec 17, 2010
There is a portal to the ruined Alcazar in the Silent Market near the entrance to Tyrian Gorge.

Jun 04, 2014
You might not have to. Since you reached it, the teleport to it should be active now. You need to go to Khrysalis, and then go to the Silent Market. Run through it until you reach the spot where Zeke is. Behind Zeke there should be one or more portals available to you. One of those will be to Ruined Alcazar. You can teleport to it from there.

Nov 08, 2015
its next to zeke in silent market when you go to further areas such as sardonyx they appear there

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