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Severely Disappointed in KH Pet Snacks

Aug 25, 2013
Just saying, why exactly am I getting golden grapes and goat cheese again? weren't these pet snacks offered in Mooshu?

The only half decent pet snacks I've gotten have been from completing quests. I don't understand why KH steps down the drops in pet snacks. In Azteca there were some pretty decent ones, they weren't abundantly amazing but I would say there we at least rank 7 sometimes 8 no? (the most common I could think of is Zocolo Wings)

That being said, I don't garden couch potatoes in order to get some Mega Snacks. I use Winterbane Hall to get some fairly decent ones when I have nothing better to do, but other than that the only pet snacks i have ever used have come from questing and just battling enemies.

The gold drops increase, the gear level (though horrendous let's admit it) increase, and the xp earned increases as we continue adventuring through the spiral, and for the most part, so have pet snacks. (anyone remember the last time you got a blonde strawberry?)

I am currently training up a myth pet, a stegosaurus I hatched between one of it's kind and a Golden Ram I was fortunate enough to obtain from Atlantea. I always train a good school pet on one of my other characters before beginning a new one, and since they released part 2, I was looking forward to getting some higher rank snacks to help level up my character. So far, this has not been the case at all. i think I have been lucky and gotten 3 flapjacks my entire time in KH.

And in honesty, this is my only complaint about part 2 thus far. Sometimes the dungeons can be a little challenging, but luckily the teamup feature has been very useful. Unlike the earlier worlds (and i am sorry to say this because I am aware several little kids play this game) when I pair up with random players I feel like everyone knows what they are doing at this point, where as it was an area of frustration in the early worlds to quest with someone who would wand attack my feints or save up pips to use "Sirens" with their lil' sirens pet even they were Life.

This was just my way of expressing my disappointment in the KH snacks and maybe these should be revised in the future so that the drops feel more appropriate for my level, and the levels of anyone who should be at this point in the game.

John RavenCatcher - lvl100
John StormWalker - lvl95
John DragonPyre - lvl57
John FrostShard - lvl63

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Now.. Now they call me Deer Knight."

Apr 20, 2011
I also agree there should be more mega snacks. It does seem a little strange that they don't seem to drop and yet we get our new pets at lvl 98.
I know many wizards who wish to train these up to epic and beyond but lower level snacks means it takes a lot longer.
James Dreamweaver lvl 97