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Random school gear from Morganthe

Jan 11, 2011
With an already low drop rate on the gear we farm for why make it even more seemingly impossible by having other school gear drop instead of our wizard that was present? Sure some people have other wizards but not everybody has all their character slots max level so it seems like a cruel joke to finally get a decent drop only to have it be for another school.

Oct 11, 2010
i wish it was like the water works loot code. Hades has the same problem morganthe has now. with about one tenth of one percent chance to get the new divine 2.0 items to only find out you as a death get a fire one as a drop, really? since i dont have a fire on my account i fed it to a pet. the best drops so far seem to be rank 10 tc's thats about it or a pet food armor no one at 100 would even consider using.

one good thing its a single fight only unlike hades, going through a crawl to him then to get nothing. this game is becomign more like work than fun