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[PART 2] Concept art review

Jan 04, 2014
All of the following information is based on these 2 pictures on the near bottom of the page

From what we see from the first picture, we can easily make out a handful of new things. But one thing that really caught my attention was the massive amour ed like scorpion just chilling in the background.
Now, simply wizard 101 logic tells me that its a bit to big for an enemy, and a bit odd for an NPC. I am forced to believe this can possibly be a mount that could be sold for crowns. And cool, I mean who doesn't want to ride an scorpion? When I come to think of it, why isn't this a thing yet?

Another thing that instantly strikes your eye upon looking at this picture, is the demonic like sorcerer on the left hand corner. Now, this can be one of 2 things; An NPC or a sick Shadow Magic spell. Or possibly an assistant? One other thing you can probably assume after beating the Part 1 story line is that there is a 100% chance that Part 2 will take place in an under water type area. And that squid like person standing in the back just proves that theory.

Now, moving on to the other picture

This other picture is very simple, and there is not much to be explained. Here we have 3 beetle like creatures that most likely act like boats that will possibly guide you across the sea of tar. On the top, you can see a door. This door relates to the same door which are found in the Bastion (Commons of Khrysalis) So this area of part 2 can possibly connect to the Bastion.

Valkoor Drake lvl 95