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New Worlds

May 11, 2011
Hello I am aaron stone i am level 56 and i was wondering is khrysalis being the last world of Wizard101 i hope not i would want to continue the trilogy of wizard101 with new problems to solve. I currently not on khrysalis but when i get to it i want to think wow more worlds to get to and actually accomplishing the world then travel to a new one. A new world for wizard101 must be about sea creatures we have now or a new myth we may believe in. Probably a world about to crash into wizard city and we must go to the world to fix its spiral controls to put it on the right track of the spiral then near the end we find out the person who caused all this.


May 09, 2010
It is a widely known fact that Kingsisle is going to continue making new worlds for Wizard101 and Pirate101 alike. What those new worlds are, we can only guess.

Blaze Stormmancer