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Morganthe Drops - Yes, yet another post about them

Jan 12, 2013
Ok, so, I get the unnecessarily low drop rates for the new highest lvl gear. Well, at least I try and see if from KI's point of view.

However, when Aquilla first came out, you had the good sense to make sure that the gear we got dropped from hades was from our own schools. So why the change in the morganthe fight. I have been farming for who knows how long, and what did my life wizard get dropped? The lvl 99 Ice amulet and lvl 99 ice athame. If you aren't able to foresee just how frustrating and irritating that would be for you customers, then you need to examine your customer service paradigm.
Seriously, you need to go back to being the company you were when I first started playing the game over five years ago.

Sep 17, 2012
It is rather frustrating. I've gotten 6 fire athames and amulets, the only school I don't have. I've gotten a couple others that I happen to have wizards to trade to, but they really should rethink the ANY school drops on her rare drop items.

Jan 17, 2013
I strongly agree. The one time I do happen to get something, it's NOT for my school. It's frustrating enough with the very low drop rates.

Oct 22, 2012
KI I'm pretty sure is thinking most main line bosses drop random equip. Why should these be different?

Aug 18, 2011
They should remove the school restriction. I'd like to use a resist amulet on my tank with the blade for our hitter, but we can't because we can only equip our own school.