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Morganthe Drops: Recent drop data - hopeful stats

May 02, 2015
For those who care and need some encouragement in farming Morganthe for the amulet, athame, and ring:

I have been farming with a team of three on three different accounts (so one fight for three characters). I pretty much only cared about the balance (one account), storm and fire (on another account) amulets. The third account has just been life and myth participants mostly to see what drops.

The balance always plays. I played with the myth as the second character until her amulet dropped then switched to the life. The storm played until his amulet dropped, then switched to the fire.

Apologies in advance because I don't remember the exact battle numbers or chest drops. Going off of memory. If it drops in the battle, I will say that. Otherwise, chest.

The 1st day, One fight in: Balance drops a fire amulet (can't recall if it was from the chest or the fight).

Third fight, I believe: Storm drops a life amulet (which is annoying because I can't link this account with the others due to a previous link, please change this KI)

I spent this day pretty much just farming. At some point late in the evening, the balance dropped it's ring and the storm dropped the life ring (ugh again). At this point, I decided to live my life and just play Morganthe once a day and dump 500 crowns into the chest each time. I didn't do this with the myth because of being low on crowns and not really caring about that account.

The 2nd day, the storm dropped his ring via chest.

The 3rd day, I believe the balance dropped a life ring (fight) and another balance ring (chest). I also think the storm dropped his athame.

The 4th day, nothing.

The 5th day, balance dropped his amulet.

The 6th day, myth dropped her amulet from the battle. At this point, I realized I should have farmed with the life and dropped crowns because I wanted her athame. Switched to life and dropped 300 per fight/day with her.

Fought again with the life and the fire. Nothing.

The 7th day, balance drops another ring. Fought with fire and as well with crowns getting nothing.

The 8th day, the storm dropped his amulet. Switched to the fire to try and get the ring (because the balance has the fire amulet). Switched to the fire and dropped crowns. His amulet dropped I believe in the first chest attempt. Should have been the best day ever getting two needed amulets, but I didn't care too much as I had plans to transfer the fire amulet.

The 9th day, balance dropped another balance ring.

The 10th day, nothing.

The 11th day, more nothing.

The 12th day, today, nothing from the battle, but the fire dropped fire amulet again in the second try of the chest And the fourth try. That's two amulets in the character's school dropping twice in one round of chest drops. Wat?

Extra information: Farmed Morgathe with my death on the same account of the storm and fire by himself a while ago. Dropped order: athame, fire athame (so had it), ring, then amulet. Ring and Amulet dropped back to back in chest. See next post for conclusions.

May 02, 2015
As most of you either know or suspect, there is a lot of junk drops that will happen in between the good gear trio drops. The only other ring or athame that drops that isn't in the trio of school drops are brood mother's regal blade and ring of the dying star, and they drop with a fair amount of frequency, so seeing that gear symbol with nothing good to show for it will begin to annoy you if you are farming.

You'll see artisan socket wrenches rarely, but still probably more often than the good stuff. Most of you know beetles will drop a lot, as will deck of shadow prophecy and lightning. Duels will also drop here and there, most often of which will be Meow archmage. But most of you probably know this, this is more geared to those considering farming this pain.

Now for the main conclusions:

Yes, off school drops do happen, and that is a pretty giant pain. However, based on what I've seen and what I feel is a pretty good sample pool, it appears as though drop rates are higher for your school's gear than other schools.

So while you can get off school amulets and athames, the odds seem to be more in your favor to get your school gear than any others.

Why do I believe this? Well, look at some findings from the last post:

Death gets entire trio, each to be the appropriate school at 1st drop of that type.

Balance gets ring at first ring drop and amulet at 2nd amulet drop.

Myth gets amulet in a battle drop before anything else.

Storm gets ring and then athame at the 1st of those drops and amulet at the 2nd amulet drop.

And lastly, an perhaps the most strong in evidence, the fire gets his amulet at the first chest drop when I switched over to farming with him (after the storm got all of his gear). And this last battle, he got 2 fire amulets from 4 second chance chests in one fight.

I don't believe these findings can be blamed on luck. It's statistically unlikely that these appropriate school drops come from a 1 out of 7 chance pool to get your school's gear.

Continued next:

May 02, 2015
As I said, it doesn't make sense that 15 out of 20 school gear drops are for the appropriate school that they dropped on. It seems that with a 75% chance (3/4) of appropriate school drop gear that has happened against the 14% chance (1/7) of the same thing if all school gear had the same chance of dropping, the first seems far more likely. And you really can't blame the drop rate on luck, like I said before. It's not like the drop rate was 3/7 or 4/7 where you could blame it on luck.

When you do the rough math, I'd say that there's about a 12% chance (round it down to 10 if you want to be safe/accounting for error) for a piece of good gear (ring, athame, or amulet) to drop from any school. From that, you can expect a 9% (or 7.5% if you go with the 10% round) drop rate of your school gear. I would go with the 7.5%, it's pretty close when checking it against my characters' drops.

Also, While I want to say that good drops seem to happen more often when you put crowns in the chest, I think that's more of a feeling than fact because I believe that I got about 3 or 4 drops from the battle itself. I would also get 4 more drops from the chest from each battle, so 3 or 4 drops out of 20 coming from the fight itself still fits as 1 out of 5 drops that I reported are battle drops.

If you've got the crowns, for sure drop 300 to 500 in the chest per day and save yourself a lot of battles. It feels a lot better getting on with life as well as getting more drops at one time. Lol.

Final conclusions:

Drop rates for your school are significantly higher than other schools. So getting your own gear is not quite the nightmare that it seems it would be. Though KI really should have never made it possible for off school drops, it isn't the disaster that you'd think it might be or read about. Crowns are your friend. There's another story about another character who dropped for the chest 5 times per battle and got their amulet in a week. That seems to be about right based on my drops too.

May 02, 2015

This whole week I've been doing the same thing. Here are the results:

All days: nothing.

So idk anymore. Thinking of giving on up getting life stuff on my life, balance athame, and fire ring.


I just now got my balance to drop Amulet of Divine Influence in Tartarus from a 300 crown drop in the chest today. So maybe that has something to do with it? The game wanted to put all of my luck in the amulet and maybe that explains the lack of anything from Morganthe.

Then again, that would only explain one account.