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maybe new shadow magic dispells?

May 17, 2011
I absolutely love shadow magic

what about shaking and throwing considerably things to thought, maybe a spell that adds back lash? Takes away shadow pip? Any thoughts! lets let KI know our ideas! Possible a new after effect like a charm you can cast?

Flint MistBlade 93

Jul 10, 2009
My idea would be a literal dispell for shadow magic (like the one we have for Balance, Life, Firs, etc) where you can't cast a spell of that type with on on you, I think that would be a good idea to balance shadow magic more in PvP.

Innate Shadowmancer Haley MoonHeart

Sep 17, 2012
Rather than a dispel preventing it's use, I would make a new spell that actually dispels it. Make it a spell like how Supernova removes an Aura. Make it Sun school (so no school gets power pips), trained from Diego for a training point and cost 4 pips to cast. Effect would remove the shadow spell and split the backlash damage between caster and target.