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Lost in part 2 and don't know which quest to do

Oct 02, 2012
I started questing on my balance again after a break. He is level 100 and somewhere in the second half of khrysalis. I have no idea what quests in his book are storyline quests and which are sides. I only want to do the storyline quests at this point. How is one able to tell which are the sides in your quest book and which are the storyline ones? Is it right there in front of me and I am missing it? If there were some sort of symbol on them, that would be helpful. Anyone know? Cause I don't remember where I left off on him and it seems all I have been doing are sides cause they don't lead to other quests afterwards and I wanna save those for later. Thanks

Jul 10, 2009
To my knowledge, there isn't a symbol differentiating storyline quests from side quests. However, there are other ways to tell.
For one, you could look at the dialogue of your quests (by clicking the scroll and question mark button in the top left) for something bigger picture (like defeating Morgathane or getting access to a new area) or something that is clearly connected to other quests ("Using that thingy you got from that defeat & collect quest").

However, that doesn't always work, so you could check your quests against Wizard101 Central's list of storyline quests in Khysalis.

Haley MoonHeart, Promethean Thaumagture

Oct 02, 2012
Thanks Haley I had no idea such a list existed. I will go look for it.