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Khrysalis XP

Mar 19, 2009
I think the quests in Khrysalis should give less XP.
You might say "Shh... I like my XPs," but seriously, I have only done 3 side quests (Get a new potion, Khryckets, and Khrysanthemums) in Khrysalis, and I got level 100 on the Starfall Sea dungeon. I repeated no dungeons.
I started Khrysalis at level 91.
In the Tyrian Gorge, there are 6 quests that if you just leveled up, the just 6 quests will level you up again. That's about a million XP in 6 quests. Ermegerd.

I don't think the people who have already done these quests should have their levels lowered, that would be too time consuming, costly, and would start an uproar. However, people who have not finished these quests will take less XP.
At the part of the Storyline I'm in I should be level 95 or 96, not 100.

Tyler LifeCaller Exalted
Ryan SilverCoin Level 38
Cameron SpellCaster Level 12
Taylor LifeCaller Level 12
Tyler LifeCaller Level 11
Tyler LifeCaller Level 7 (Overpowered for his level!)

Feb 10, 2009
I agree. It takes almost no effort at all to get to lvl. 100. At least in some of the lower level worlds, you had to do sides to get to max level.

Sep 19, 2013
Wot you complainin' bout? I got Exalted in Fort Rachias!

Sep 17, 2012
You can skip all side quests and be level 100 long before the end of game. The quests in Khrysalis all give way too much XP. Some give 170k+ just for talking to a couple people. This was pointed out in the testing and KI chooses to ignore it. It's been a problem since Azteca. You shouldn't max out XP before finishing main storyline quests without doing side quests, it's really that simple. You make spells "available" at level 92 that you cannot possibley get to before level 95 (skipping all sides) and wonder why people say there's too much XP?