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khrysalis problem

Mar 05, 2013
Just now I tried doing the 2nd Broodmother battle. From the moment I entered Khrysalis it was weird, I couldn't see anything in the field, and couldn't see myself or my mount for about a minute. Then I finally could see, went to the quest, entered the Throne Room, couldn't see either the Brood Mother or her minions, and when I tried to cast any kind of spell (I hung around for three rounds and tried to cast a Spirit Blade each round) nothing happened. Is that area glitching? I'd appreciate someone from KI clearing this up because I was about to buy a henchman and if I wasted Crowns I'd be pretty not happy. Thanks. :(

Jul 10, 2009
I'm not an expert in computers, but I'd check up on your graphics card. Once, I was playing on a computer when the graphics card stopped working, and it had a similar effect, where the enemies would disappear, and then the screen would flash to pink or blue, and something else would disappear. Has this happened anywhere else?

Hails MoonHeart, Innate Shadowmancer

Mar 05, 2013
No just in Khrysalis. I eventually logged out, restarted my machine, and went back and it worked ok, just very laggy. There's nothing wrong with my graphics card, my computer is relatively new and I had a friend who works on computers for a living check it out. He said all is well. Khrysalis has always been laggy for me, even on my previous machine. Happily I completed the battle, moved on and am now in posession of the Shadow Magic spells. Every boss fight was laggy though. I can say with certainty it's not the fault of my machine. Thank you for your reply and suggestion though, that was very nice of you.