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Khrysalis Lagg Issue

Aug 25, 2009
Hello this is just a heads up to KI there appears to be a Lag in Khrysalis while it takes forever to load data it also lags the x does not appear to talk to the one you need to talk too and sometimes while loading you're cards will not show up in hand as well as the issue of sometimes the shop will appear blink while open with nothing showing up

I am not sure if this was never caught in test realm but this should act as a heads up to lag issues as well as loading issues that appear while on the quests there

Thank you

Richard Shadowwisperer

90 Council of light

Jun 25, 2011
Ive noticed it too. But im not noticing it anymore it could have just been that so many people where logged on at the same time in the world cause its new but I am not 100% sure.

Level 95 Storm Wizard