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Khrysalis, Ending, Old Cob, And Your Ideas!

Jun 17, 2012
Jack StormSword on Nov 16, 2014 wrote:
Khrysalis, is without a doubt, one of the best worlds in the game to date. I loved the story line, characters, and the music,oh the music, wow, just amazing. I don't know what you were talking about when you say it was short, it was probably the longest world I have done yet. To be honest, I am iffy about the ending. I felt that Morganthe's death, was good and bad. I thought it was satisfying, yet not. The reason for this, is because you really did not kill her, she killed herself, because she was too weak to control the full power of Shadow Magic. Yet it was incredibly satisfying, knowing that she fell to her death into the void.
Another amazing thing, was as said before, was the music. I thought the music was great in every area, I love how there are multiple themes, some I liked more than others, but they were all amazing. The Shadow Palace theme, was seriously the best track I have ever heard in the entire game, I even bought the musical scroll, and that theme plays in my house!
Old Cob, I suspect that he will without a doubt be our new villain. I honestly saw it coming, he seemed very suspicious, especially since so many of the enemies you faced feared him, and he was sealed away in the Black Hole. I am honestly not sure as to why he helped you kill Morganthe. My only guess is, he probably wanted Morganthe out of the way, so that maybe he did not want to have to worry about Morganthe later when he was trying to unravel his dastardly plans? No one really knows, I assume there are several theories out there, but know one has anyway to know for sure as of now. So, there you have it, my thoughts on the Khrysalis world as a whole. Have a great day!
Jack StormSword Level 100
Jack DeathSword Level 56
THANK YOU, for being musically cultured. No one else seemed to care about good music but me. Guess I was wrong! Yes, I'm not nearly at Khrysalis yet, but I've listened to some of the music and it is pretty good. The first combat theme in particular reminds me of infestations.

Apr 19, 2010
Ah good old Khrysalis was a rather complicated world for me, but that is merely because I am a solo duelist mostly only accepting help on the mega bosses. All in all though I rather enjoyed Khrysalis and the fact that it was a war not only between our respected Wizard but it was a war an entire world was partaking in and it was all on the line, and the only one standing in the way or Morganthe was you. Ever since Azteca and that failure in the end I waited for the day to show Morganthe a lesson for what she did. But I feel ultimately like in the end the fight was just... not becoming of the fight I would have expected. I mean I figured she would come back a few times even more powerful, given she was so adept in Shadow Magic and even more so it was proven by Undead Malistaire when he came back for a second battle after the defeat of his first form in Darkmoor. But what I do like from the end of this is Old Cob and the fact that it looks very much like we have our next villain to the story. Its speculation I suppose but there is no real way that the next mega boss who wants the spiral won't be Cob or someone he beckons to himself. An when you look at it he set the field for himself by helping you to take out Morganthe, he merely wanted her out of the way so he would go unopposed at the spiral. I am looking forward to the next arc of this story five years and still going! Can't wait to get my hands dirty once more and save the spiral from yet another who would see it fall.

Level 100 Wizard