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kaliklak is way too hard

May 31, 2012
I am a level 92 .And i just used backdraft which was +200% damage a sharpen blade elemental blade which gave me +45 fire blade then i used + 35 fire blade. Then i used sun serpent and almost killed kaliklak should have killed minions and they came back and killed me after it skipped my turn and did not let me pick a spell:(. someone out there that is please help

Jan 25, 2010
If you face him as a fire wizard or any wizard that has low survivability rate try training life to satyr and put in pixies and satyrs and use them so you don't die. If you have life mastery amulet but can't go back to train life to satyr then fill your side deck with a ton of fairies (bought from wizard city treasure card shop) and satyrs (found most of the time at the bazaar) and sanctuaries (found easily at the bazaar). Try to use sanctuary as soon as possible and keep it up for the whole battle as it helps! Important note for fire: you may boost kaliklak but don't kill him first always kill the minions first it makes it easier. Wonder why? Cause the minions are storm and hit hard with powerful spells including wild bolt which is annoying. So getting them out of the way helps. It is safe to take out the boss once the minions are dealt with do you understand that now? Hope this helped!

Ryan Duskspear Level 90 Death
Kevin Firecrafter Level 76 Fire