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hello i lost a old file can anyone help.

May 14, 2015
I remember. years ago years I was playing this game and I don't no if I got hack or steal from. lost a lot, but remember , I was in the hatchery looking for the last line of pedigree my pedigree was 93 red bone dragon. she was wearing, celesta hat. garden out fit and boots that look like elf boots. black liner and red out fit , hair black long and staff hades or blue staff of the triton staff from crown shop. I remember pass ward the beginner and I remember the pass. but pass is not working. now I made a new wizard that is more like the old that I use to have, same name. and staff and more, can any one who might help me find my old file?

May 14, 2015
I met my old file same SparkleBloom101 just like this. the pass ward..... maybe lost or maybe hack that I got the message from Ambrose that said. never share your past ward. or your pass to any one not even your friends, bye trick bye tricky. I looking for my old one that just like SparkleBloom101 my new one that I created a different account SparkleBloom202. can any one help me out? bye any chance,I looking for a old file that is related to my old one SparkleBloom101, I looking for my old wizard and my old file bye finding the old one sparklenbloom101? I don't no where or how it ended up,. may any one help me find a old account? just wondering what happened there is more it mane account, with others, in family, in accounts. that are add to my mane old account.SparkleBloom101? may someone help me find the old one?

Jan 18, 2010
Email KI at:


However, if you lost your account due to violations/giving out your account info, the hope/chances of seeing that account back is just like the reaper; Grim.