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Glitch in Shadow Palace?

Oct 10, 2010
Hi, first time posting. I have a question to ask anyone who has finished the final battle with Morganthe in the Shadow palace. Has anyone had this happen: you have finished off the last form of Morganthe, and been directed to talk to Cobb, then after you have talked to Cobb, you have been directed to defeat Morganthe again? I have had this happen twice, to one of the wizards in another one of my accounts. She and another wizard have defeated Morganthe twice, and both times, after making sure that I have followed all direction, I have been told that I need to defeat her again. I am getting tired of this, as I have not had this problem with the other wizard I have taken through. I have contacted KI about this, but I am wondering if I am the only one. I hope so, but be warned.

May 22, 2009
This happened to me. I died after two of the Morganthes were killed, fled then came back. I was fully alive and in the battle when we killed the first two and again when we finished the fight. I then got the prompt to speak to old Cobb. After speaking to him in the room my quest said I had to defeat Morganthe again.

Until this issue is fixed I suggest when you do fight morganthe, do not flee if you already killed one. I do know for a fact that if you flee BEFORE killing any of them you still get credit. On the same battle where I did not get credit, my friend fled before we killed any of them. She did get credit.

KI, I ask you please fix this issue. It is causing major frustration to many people.

Sep 17, 2012
It's not a glitch. You can't flee after the main boss is killed, in ANY dungeon. The Morganthe is the true one. It's no different than killing Hades first in Tartarus, fleeing and coming back. You won't get credit for killing Hades. If you die after killing the maiin boss, your friends need to heal you before killing the rest in order to finish the quest.