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Feb 03, 2010
(A lot of my posts have been 'Oh, this is too hard!' so I'm gonna try to stop doing those, but this simply HAS to be addressed.)
Why are the Galleries so difficult? I understand that it's Morganthe and all, but the only other part I had trouble with was Kaliklak, Tamulus, this, and most likely Morganthe, but I won't message board about that because I'm going overboard with these 'ACH PLS STOP BEENG HARD' posts. But before I get into detail as to why it's hard, I'm gonna talk about something that impedes progress even moreso than the dungeon itself.

Team Up.

I've heard person after person say that the game is beginning to lose players, and the first exhibit to seeing this problem firsthand has got to be team up. The fanbase is small, but extremely loyal to the game, but in spite of that, you only see consistently full team ups in Darkmoor's Graveyard, and MAYBE Morganthe. Another problem with team up is that it may as well just be a big red button that says 'CLICK FOR PLAYERS THAT WILL LEAVE YOU IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BALOR AND MUERTE BATTLE' (I've seen people leave at that point so much more than any other part. I haven't even seen Lord Ombra and Archmagus Lorcan in there) After you manage to find a team, however, you still have to deal with the leaving, as I mentioned earlier, and also Balor casting Sirens and Leviathan, Ghost Dog casting Detonate, and Lord Ombra casting Mana Burn.

Now, I've done enough Darkmoor runs to know that Exalted+, the game isn't a nice stroll through the park like Wizard City and even the Fire Pyramid in Krokotopia, but I might even be compelled to say that this is harder than the Graveyard. I know that isn't true, but my mind, biased like Young Morganthe's in the mind chambers, always like to think that I am the victim in the situation, even if I'm not. And since I gave up with Darkmoor after my third run, this is currently the hardest challenge to face (except Briskbreeze, but that quest is just gonna gather dust in my book for all eternity) Also, this is very clearly a problem on my part because I refill my potions once in a blue moon, but there has to be wisps. I mean, seriously, I cannot be the only one who barely refills their potions. I guess I'm subliminally thinking that because of the Allan Ghostdust quest, I have infinite elixirs, but seriously.

Wow, have I rambled on for long. I'm not even done, that's the funny part. My latest team felt a major blow when the and the left me and the alone, and since I was the weakest school, and for some reason the didn't use hits, our team fell apart. Even when the and the were with us, the used only 3 blades per attack, and the decided to be another hitter.

Well, I'm nearing the character limit and since I used long words like 'subliminally' I could only fit the 3 paragraphs.

-Cody Lighthunter, 104
-Luke Crowhead, 25
-Edward Bright, 6
-Ryan Griffinpyre, 10

Alright, then. What is your name? -Merle Ambrose