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Can't Speak to Florian Sunflare (please help)

Feb 25, 2010
A few weeks ago, i had a wuest to go rescue Florian Sunflare from grim mimos cave and talk to him afterwards. SO i defeated grim mimo and talked to florian, and he said to mee tme in queen myrtle town. And so thats what iu did. However when i arrived he was no where to be seen. I looked at my quest arrow and it said to go speak to him, and guess where it lead? Grim mimos cave. I though it was a one time glitch, so i went to grim mimos cave and defeated her. Before i fought her florian wasnt in the cave like last time but my arrow was pointing to talk to him, so i though i had to defeat grim mimo first. After i defeated grim mimo he was still not there but my arrow said he was. Now I have defeated grim mimo numerous time, even with people who had the same quest as me, but florian would never show up. I know KR part 2 came out and i really want to get to it but i cant possible do so in this sate of coindition? How can i continue my questing or get florian to show up again?

P.S. I emailed support about this issue about a week ago but there has been no response