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Brood Mother or broodmother?

Jul 16, 2010
Mmm... I'm a little confused. I wish to fight Brood mother to capture a Tarantula Hawk for my high level fire wizard. I know you fight her "on quest" but are you fighting Brood Mother or broodmother on the re-battle? Brood Mother gives Tarantula Hawk and broodmother does not. Can you only battle Brood Mother once (one quest) and then all re battles are with broodmother? I've won the Open Sesame from broodmother countless times but I wish to fight for the pet instead. Any answer would be appreciated. Ty gg

Sep 17, 2012
The Throne Room is the Broodmother that drops it. It's the second time you fight her, the first is in the Golden Horde Chamber. The wiki just calls her Brood Mother for the second instance to differentiate her from the first Broodmother. Both appear in battle as Broodmother. The one in the Throne Room that says "Guard Me" is the one that drops the pet and is repeatable.

Jul 16, 2010
Thx for the reply. Nice to know I'm not wasting my time battling for nothing.