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Best gear for a level 110 Death?

May 10, 2015
I am gonna be level 110 Death pretty soon, but my gear is seriously lacking. My resist is trash which can get me into some trouble.

Whats the best gear for a level 110 Death wizard.
I dont care if I have to craft it as I am the level before the last one on crafting.
I will farm dungeons

Please list
Gear names
Best place for drop of gear
How rare is this gear
Who to get recipe from and where they are located ( If crafted )

I am looking for the best gear overall, not one that is great in resist or great in health. I want a healthy balance.

My current gear
Hat-Death Lord's Veil of woe
Robe-Senators Toga of demise
Boots-Depths of Darkmoor Stalkers
Wand-Hades Soul Scythe
Athame-Stiletto of the vespula
Ring-Umbra circle of pestilence
Amulet-Mantis huntress pendant

Dec 31, 2009
Hat: Death Lord's Veil of Woe, Darkmore graveyard (malistare)
Robe: Death Lord's Cloak of Woe, Darkmore graveyard (malistare)
Boots: Death Lord's Greaves of Woe, Darkmore graveyard (malistare)
Wands (non-crowns): Pirece - Lord of Death's Dragonstaff, Darkmore graveyard (malistare)
Damage - Majoris Remanant of Umbrage, Rasputin
Athames: Lord of Death;s Razor, Darkmore graveyard (Yvegeny) - extra accuracy
Mercy of Shadow and Light, Morganthe, shadow palace
Ygor's Dagger of Demise, Baba Yaga, if you are looking for block
Amulets: Shadow Queen's Grace, Morganthe, shadow palace
Death Seeker's Tailisman, Shane Von Shane, Darkmore Upper Halls, extra critical
Jawniak's Torc of Deceit, Rasputin, if you are looking for extra block
Rings: Alpha and Omega, Gladiator, mt olympus, general use
Lord of Death's Coil, Aphrodite, extra damage
Ring of Shmo's Downfall, Baba Yaga, if you are looking for critical
Decks: Rasputin has decks with either triangle, square or tear sockets, i like the triangle so I can add a pip or accuracy jewel as needed.
Pet: A triple of quad damage pet works well for death, personally I do not think death needs healing on a pet since you have a lot of drain spells, up to you

Alternate, I do not really like the Ultra Dungeon Gear to be honest, you lose accuracy and pips, but some prefer it to Darkmoor farming.

Bonesmasher Robe of Strife, Rattlebones exalted duel
There is a hat in Krokopatra Exalted duel but I do not have that.

I pretty much try to get it all so i can mix and match as needed, but to start with the basics, I would suggest all the Darkmore gear, and perhaps use shango's amulet for a blade, coz morgy is cheap with the drops.

Apr 02, 2017
I'd say Darkmoor gear is still pretty much the best you can get currently in the game for level 100+ players. Im not the most experienced players when it comes to athames and rings and such, but gear wise I'd say definitely just go with the full Darkmoor set.

Oct 22, 2011
You can also do your own google search for L110 death gear. There are many wizard101 fan sites that will be able to help you