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"And the sky falls, taking her with it"

Aug 16, 2009
I am not sure any of you realized from what other topics I have seen, but, Morganthe however, did not write the prophecy..... Old Cob did. When viewing the Orbs in the one room of Sardonyx it has Cob's voice and at the end says the prophecy. Also in the end he says: "Its time to write a new prophecy". Like many people have guessed before the existence of Cob, a prophecy master, or some sort of person like that, Cob may just be that. As for the ending, I am fairly certain Cob died and many will probably question me, however, Cob releases his children into the Spiral and he disappears. He says this in a sort of "my children will continue my journey" kind of way. So maybe the next enemy, will be Cobs Children not him. Although it sounds awkward enough.... Cob being able to reproduce on the spot by himself...... pretty much makes him neither male or female. Many could guess female but I think its one of those "Non-Gendered" creatures.

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Jul 26, 2011
Yes, Old Cob did write the Grand Prophecy. Morganthe was introduced to it my the Spider Magi from the Hive since they believed she was the Chosen One (which seems highly untrue). Seeing that the Orbs quest in Sardonyx it says a LIGHT Child crosses the Starfall Sea, which I don't think Morganthe was the Light Child due to her not being in the Council of Light and becoming power hungry and evil with Shadows after learning the prophecy. As for Old Cob, many have speculated he's the spider that Grandmother Raven is fighting in the first part of the Prophecy, making him some sort of Grandfather Spider, and having the same importance as Bartelby and Grandmother Raven except that he's evil. Depending on how many "children" he sent into the Spiral, it could be one for every world in the next arc IF he is the next villain of the game. If he is then he most likely sent out 4 making him the final boss in the 5th world. And finally if that's the case then Old Cob didn't die but he's distracting you to do something far more sinister in to the Spiral.