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Am i on to something?

Aug 16, 2009
Hello guys, ok so there is always a moment when someone recites something from an earlier thing in another world and it picks up a lot of conversation and yea it's one of those moments. I was on my balance character I recently gotten to level 42 and I was working in a place called the Drake Hatchery and I had to go and talk to dragon statues, oddly enough what the statue said made me thing of something! The dragon statue mentioned something called the 100-year war and I heard of the same thing coming from Khrysalis in witch the Bastion wall was built or something along those lines. I think DragonSpyre and Khrysalis could be linked somehow my main guess is how DragonSpyre past was so light and living and Khrysalis is opposite and I realized we were able to say "Shadowmancer" (one word) before shadow came out, and guess what we are allowed to say now..... "Lightmancer (one word)


Kevin BattleBreeze Life, Level 92
Seth MoonGrove Myth, Level 31
Alexander SkullFlame Death, Level 18
Blaze SkyCloud Balance, Level 42

Aug 22, 2009
Hmm. Interesting... KI just has a way of putting things together to make sense, and then inciting our curiosity for things to come! Can't wait for Part 2 of Khrysalis! Nice observation.

Jazzy ThunderStaff.
"When the dueling gets hot, summon a fire shield."

Aug 14, 2012
I think that the 100 -year war was in all of the spiral,,just my opinion.

Emily Summersinger

Jun 01, 2009
O ... read dis a long time ago, just now realized why yah can say shadowmancer and lightmancer: you can have them as last names, lol. Although perhaps they will have lightmancers ...

-Jasmine Owltalon, level 95 myth