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The Karamelle Story Thread (SPOILERS)

Jun 22, 2009
Very sweet story. My buddy Hans had a real tough week, and Judge Veg is someone I won’t forget anytime soon. You guys did fantastic, especially with the strange circumstances we are all living in right now. If I’m allowed to suggest something, I think it would be pretty neat if it came true. Is it possible to implement an NPC for Prudence, Piper, and Phoebe, but you can only see them when you’re in play as your pet mode?

Thanks for your time.

Jan 26, 2017
The Curator on Dec 3, 2020 wrote:

So... about the old one. I saw a post pointing out that a character looking quite a bit like him appears in multiple pirate101 puppet shows. And the one that really got my attention was how he seemed to be annoying Marco Pollo in some way during the first El Dorado puppet show. Considering the old one moves history along... That would make sense for him to have an interest in a lot of the events of pirate101. My question would be, was that the old one in those puppet shows? Or did the team just really think the design fit and went with it.

That was indeed the Old One in those puppet shows. The real question you should be asking is whether or not we knew who the Old One was when we made the Pirate puppet shows, or if we thought the image was just hilarious...

Actually... Speaking of El Dorado. Is there a chance we could get some El Dorado lore in wizard101? Or is that world too closely connected with pirate101 for it to really make sense?

I'd love to, but it would take an awful lot of setup. As far as Pirate/Wizard crossover, I'm hoping we can keep it at the level of cameos and characters, with perhaps some tantalizing glimpses of Pirate worlds along the way (like Valencia).

Is Von Trapp the next Mellori? (A character who will have a major role to play the entire arc)

That was not an original intent, but he has proven so popular that he might. Maulwurf ended up becoming more than his original idea - the character grew and evolved as we wrote him and got the VO. I don't know if he'd have a role the size of Mellori, but future cameos are not out of the question.

One thing I found strange is how there was no discussion about finding the old one at the end of Karamelle. Will this be discussed early in the next world?

Yeah... we may have been a little hasty at the end there. Don't worry, the fate of the Old One is something that will be dealt with very quickly.

Will the next world be much more serious compared to this one?

It's hard to say until the actual quests are written, but I expect it will be less silly.

This might be telling... But are you interested in exploring worlds outside the spiral? (If there are worlds outside the spiral?)

That is indeed telling. We've established there are worlds outside the Spiral (Earth is one!), and the whole notion of the unknown is hard to resist.

Has the 4th arc been 100% mapped out? Or are you still filling in some of the blanks.

The general shape is mapped out. I find its best not to pin things down until you have to - if a great idea comes after you've mapped everything out to great detail, it forces a choice: do you lose work and redo that map, or do you pass on the good idea? So my goal is always to know as much as we need to know fir the task at hand. Back in the days of Lost and Battlestar Galactica there was this mystique about TV writers having multi-year plots all mapped out, but believe me, that's hype.

Have you ever come across a piece of wizard101 lore that you really dislike? Something you wish could be removed from the canon?

That's a tough one! I don't think there's anything I'd like removed, but I can say my biggest regret about the canon as it exists is that Grizzleheim wasn't part of the mainline. Grandmother raven was too big a thing to introduce in a world we can't guarantee players have played.

My final two questions have to do with old posts I remember reading on the pirate101 fourms... I remember you mentioning that cool ranch was first developed for wizard101 but got moved over to pirate101. As far as you know are there any other worlds that have done this? Also I remember you saying the passive voice was bad for writing why is that?

There aren't any other worlds that have directly shifted between games. There has been some influence - Skull Island owes a lot to the beachy side of Celestia, for example, but nothing as direct as Cool Ranch.

Passive Voice: it's weaker. Saying "the ball was hit by the boy" just isn't as strong as saying "the boy hit the ball." Also, when I'm counting every character in a text box, it's shorter too. If you're using it in character dialogue and trying to make them seem overly pedantic or wishy washy, I suppose it works, but in prose it never helps - kill it with fire.

Oh one thing I wanted to mention about the wizard city drains... The four horse men side quest might just be my favorite side quest in the game. It's such a good side quest.

I can't claim credit for that one - one of the writers loves to throw himself into the side quests, and the results in the last few worlds have been really stellar. I love it too.

Thanks for all the kind words!
Thanks so much for answering my questions! I also want to say thanks for always doing these threads!

Dec 20, 2008
I feel like the story wouldn't have been as enjoyable if we had to fight Grand Nana in the end. It would've just been too predictable. I feel that the real ending with the Paradox was really good. It ties in the conclusion of the third story arc with the fourth arc. It makes the player wonder if we'll see the paradox again.

I liked the use of the word "cavity" for those wormholes appearing around the world of candy, Karamelle. That was a good play on words.

Overall, I really liked the conclusion of Karamelle. I do think there is a spot for improvement. Changing the Judge Veg fight might make it a bit better (I won't get in depth about that as there is a whole thread on that already).

Jan 02, 2021
I personally have not played through, however my Mother and my Girlfriend have both completed and they're very excited about what's to come under your direction.

First off all, the landscape is amazing. It's Candyland but it doesn't make me wanna rip my eyes out watching them play. Most if not all of the monsters have cool concepts and animations as well, and the boss battles are pretty darn cool to see.

Plotwise? I've got a lot to praise. From the glimpses I've gotten and watch through online this storyline is the most I've been invested in since the First Arc. Which was primarily nostalgia based anyways. The evil Reflection(?) is such a cool idea and I wanna see what kind of tale you can spin with this now.

Overall it's so cool to watch someone breathe some life back into this games with passion. If you're gonna be leading the next fex world creations, it's going to be one great ride.

Jun 13, 2011
Well, Curator, looks like Karamelle went very well to plenty of Wizards, here. I've not yet caught up, but I will soon enough. May take me some time, but I'll get there. You've got quite a course in W101's latest arc, and whatever the amount of worlds it may be, we'll gladly enjoy it.

So, I got this baffling question I've had for a long time that you may answer.

The species name of those large creatures seen in Celestia and Crab Alley, notably, Cablooey, King Amadeo, the Riverclaws, Doctor Zigmund, Thaddeus Price, and Old Greensides, are they called Water-Lurkers or Lagooneys? Is there a difference about those creatures, or are they from the one and the same species, even with species branches & variants onboard? I'm a bit confused. When Celestia came out, they were called Water-Lurkers, but I've not known what they're called. Then, when P101 came out, they're called Lagooneys. This really bothered me for quite a long time since. I hope you can clear this up through confirmation.

Though there's still lot to be done since the acquisition, I truly guess that Gamigo could take some load off of KI's hands, in terms of certain tasks, such as handling re-doings of worlds in need of graphical overhauls & quest storyline rewritings to fit what Wizard City went through, such as Krokotopia, Marleybone, Dragonspyre, and so on. Should we see that sometime soon, while more work is diverted to what's being worked on, like P101's more frequent updates, too? That's the one thing I'm really eager to see.

Oh! I almost forgot one more thing before anyone else forgets.

Sorry to make this segment off-topic here in my post(hope you understand why), but, have any of you in KI & the W101 & P101 communities ever heard of a series called "Go! Go! Kokopolo"? It's a very amazing series with an incredibly unique genre that's really my well-loved favorite series I've ever experienced. It's about a hilariously edgy wildcat, named Kokopolo, with a laid-back okapi as his best pal, named Tatsumo, going on crazy, frantic high-speed adventures causing all sorts of mayhem with their sharp claws, undergoing several chases through many mind-twisting mazes in many locations.

The artwork there's great, really nails the greatest of basics down, nice soundtracks that gets people going to keep playing until they've finished it all, and amazing character designs that really had people loving the series, especially the bosses.

Moreover, its gameplay formula's amazingly unique that greatly uses both screens, even the touchscreen, and the microphone, all at once, something not even a mobile phone could ever have(heard an interview about that, said it wouldn't work any other way. Trust me. I know. Thought this through in my mind, came to that same conclusion, too, in my mind and heart.), but only real, pure dedicated game handhelds can, especially those that have both screens.

I'd show you a lot, but, can't. Posting regulations, you know.

Just thought you should know that this year, that series is sort of having its own deca-versary, and hardly anyone's ever thought of celebrating, because that series is not well-known a lot. Really gives me a bit of sadness in my heart that not a lot out there acknowledging it. That series deserves plenty more attention as other series have in their years.

So far, it has 2 installments, with the 3rd not yet out, so I've read, obviously hitting some struggles from behind the scenes. While no one may presently buy the first game(at least, not yet without being re-released, in my perspective), the second game is still available for all to enjoy, so I would pretty much recommend some people to spare some time to enjoy it when you can.

F.Y.I., it was around very shortly before Wysteria came out. True.

If anyone around here could spare some time, please look into that series and do some research, and maybe do some tributes to it along the way, show some love to the series, and spread the word of its existence. There's trailers about that, too. You'll also definitely like the series' creator. Quite well-known, to be precise.

Best I get that out of my mind before anything else happens.

Its my hope that the series gets more adventures & plenty more attention to where a lot more people are going to talk about it while they have their adventures in and out of the Spiral.

Alright, back to being on-topic now.

I could see the Spiral going forward with what's being planned, but I also would like for some more side content adventures. I also have yet to see the Coven, those villainous ravens seen in Grizzleheim and Wintertusk, striking once more to try to bring the Everwinter to the Spiral. They're just as ambitious as many villains we've faced so far. Hope there's time for another continuation of the Coven side storyline saga. That I would really like to see.

Almost forgot about Wysteria. It's going to be 10 years since it came to the Spiral. I really loved the storyline about the Spiral Cup Tournament, and the mystery behind its theft. Really makes me think of having more adventures there. Even though the world is still small, the gates seen there still makes me think of more to be seen there. Should we get another tournament, may we see it take place in another arena with more participants competing for the Spiral Cup once more? And perhaps see more of Wysteria's schools of magic in real action, from their students & teachers, of course, should we ever see any.

Hope you can answer sometime soon, Curator. Thanks! Really looking forward to what the 4th arc has to offer and more!

Nov 15, 2018
PandaKitties on Dec 10, 2020 wrote:
A world I've always thought was important but we haven't seen much of yet is Darkmoor. Do you think we will ever visit Darkmoor again sometime in the next arc or at all in the near future? Or would that be telling?
That would indeed be telling. As some of you will no doubt recall from the Pirate101 forums, "I won't talk worlds." Was a very frequent saying of mine.

btw - so sorry to get so behind tin the responses. The holidays dented my schedule, and then since January I've been a bit busy with the next world. More to come.

Nov 15, 2018
ShadowAceStormClou... on Dec 10, 2020 wrote:
Let's talk hypothetical for a minute...

Let's say that Karamelle just straight-up didn't fit the plot, and there was no word to make it "click." What world would you have used then? Additionally, would you attempt to craft a new world that hasn't been mentioned by name yet, or a previously mentioned world like Yago or Wallaru?

Additionally, could you provide any hints for the next world? Not anything too obvious, but would it be a world that was mentioned in Pirate or Wizard? Is it the world of an NPC we know of? Does it have historical connections to another world? Or would that be telling?
LOL - I really don't talk worlds. As we were first sketching out the arc, there were a few worlds that came up that were in the running for the first world. The conception of the arc has evolved over the brainstorming, so some worlds fell out, and some worked their way in (like Karamelle!). We like filling in the worlds we've mentioned, but that's not a priority: if we were to say "Ooo - Wallaru would be perfect for this plot!" then we'd go with it.

No hints. You'll find out soon enough...

Nov 15, 2018

I like Karamelle; it's a refreshing new start from the Raven and Spider war. Though I have to admit, I do miss the suspense Khrysalis created with Old Cob.

I hope we've managed to set up a new bit of suspense with the ending of Karamelle...

I love learning about the cabal, but at times I feel as though it's losing its intriguing glow. We have defeated many of the prominent members and have been pursuing them since Mirage. Is this the arc we focus on them, and all of that ends?

The role of the Cabal in this arc is changing, as you saw in Karamelle. You have defeated an insane number of their higher ups (we even turned it into a self-referential joke - trust me, we know ). We're looking for the chance to talk more about them without them necessarily being adversaries, though they are going to have a pretty strong reaction to the end of Karamelle. Instead of us asking what we're going to do about they're latest scheme, they're off somewhere asking what they're going to do about you...

I love Wizard101, and I certainly hope it lasts a very long time. The story is the heart of this game! I sometimes reflect on the entire story. The second and third arc has some awesome vibes, but it feels that our Wizard is entirely invincible, perhaps so much that our existence destroys the Balance of the Spiral. We are the scion of Bartleby; we defeated the ancient witch (and Merle's apprentice) Morganthe, beat Malistaire three times, defeated a titan, defeated grandfather spider, won the spiral cup, fought by the ancient council of light, and possibly defeated a coven of Ravens. I am concerned about where we go from here. Do we have enough ideas? Also is there enough ideas for themes? (Marleybone is old London, Celestia is Atlantis.) I have a hard time thinking of others. It was nice to see you guys branch out and use Star Track for Empyrea, but is there enough of that to pull from something else? I have thought about the hint we receive about other worlds "outside the spiral". If our Wizard travels outside of the Spiral, are we not as powerful? Does that also open an opportunity for a fresh start? We don't want to lose our friends from the Spiral if we leave it, but I hope you understand what I mean. Restore my faith o wise Curator, lol.

KI's emphasis on story is why I came to the studio in the first place about a decade ago, and after using Wizard's story as my beacon in Pirate it's great to finally be working on it. What you're talking about here is the very nature of serial storytelling: look at comic characters who have been around for more than fifty years - what do they do to stay fresh? Changing creative teams is an obvious thing, and I'm the fourth head writer to helm the ship. There are lots of things we have yet to mine, and touching upon the notion of worlds outside the Spiral was very deliberate. Something like a Total Restart probably isn't viable from a purely technical standpoint, but one of my primary goals with this arc was to try to do something different, and to lower the stakes a little. You have to be the judge of whether or not Karamelle got the idea off to a good start. As to your faith, hang in there - we are far from out of ideas!

My final question is this. I love FTUE; please keep that going for as long as you can!

I must admit, I was very pleased by the results of the Unicorn Way revamp, and it really jazzed me for the opportunity to polish Triton. I definitely want to continue - the trick is balancing it with the yearly world updates - scope and scale is the trick. But if I have the chance to do more, I'm totally ready.

Nov 15, 2018
@Allison Deathwielder

Could you talk about how COVID may have impacted the writing process, if at all? Given Karamelle's modest length, I've wondered if perhaps the story is shorter than intended and/or had to change due to the need to adjust to work-from-home.

The writing process wasn't that directly affected by things - instead of a bunch of writers talking in a room, now we talk over teams. The actual writing is all the same - we took our work machines home, so I'm writing on the same computer right now that I worked on last year. The thing I miss more than anything else is whiteboards - to be able to sketch an idea or make a bullet list or plot diagram fast and in real time. All that said, Covid did impact us at the studio level - it was harder for some other departments to transition. As to Karamelle's length, I promise that it felt good and long when we started on it: a few things changed during the writing, and suddenly streamlining some plot points that solved issues by making things flow better had unforeseen consequences. All part of the process.

Is 3 worlds a new standard arc length, or are you open to giving an arc as many worlds as it needs? I loved looking forward to 5 worlds in an arc back in the Malistaire and Morganthe days, but it was pretty clear that 5 worlds (especially in arc 2) may have led to too much story padding and/or incoherency at times in order to stretch things out. Still, if there's a story that has enough to tell that it can fit well into more than 3 worlds, I'd hate to see it squished into 3.

When we started working on Polaris we figured 3 was the new number, and I agree that 5 worlds in Arc 2 felt like too many. In this industry if you do something as an experiment and it works, suddenly improvisation becomes tradition: Arc 1 worked really well, so from now on all Arcs are 5 worlds! This tendency, by the way, is why Cool Ranch is such a LONG world in Pirate - we were looking to Wizard for an example of what a world's worth of content should be but we didn't have a feel for how it felt to play Pirate yet.... As to arc 3, Empyrea ended up being about 1.5 worlds worth, so it ended up getting split. So was the third arc 3 worlds or 4? Was it a little rushed at the end instead of being to padded? It's an interesting discussion. As for future arcs, I don't know that we need to draw a firm line. If arc 4 begins to feel like it needs more worlds, we will serve the story.

It might be far too telling to give any response to this, but I did want to try to ask. Whether it be the 4th arc, 5th arc, or the 20th arc, the gated door in the Arcanum with the Cabal emblem is a thread that has been mysteriously left hanging for 5 years since it was introduced in Polaris. Are there plans to EVER open that door, however far out that may or may not be? I guess I'm just curious whether or not it's a dropped plot point.

There are indeed plans for that door. We're getting to it. That said, when we're getting to it would, sadly, be telling.

Is there a list somewhere at KI containing all of the worlds that have been mentioned in-game, but have not yet been ventured to? In speculating about what comes next in this arc, it's become apparent that there's a lot of confusion about which places are actually implied to be worlds vs smaller zones in existing worlds (such as Albion, which could either be a zone in Marleybone or a world of its own based on what little we know of it; the same extends to Nodor in relation to Polaris and Alissar in relation to Zafaria, among others). I'd love to see an internal list if one exists. I don't *think* it would spoil anything if we only had worlds we could have seen mentioned already.

We keep track of the mentions, yes. And no, you can't see our list. I don't talk worlds.

You mentioned earlier in this thread that the Old One is indeed (at least retroactively) the same character from the Pirate101 puppet shows. So my question is, if were were to look back at those puppet shows, is there potential to find anything useful to speculate on from that character also retroactively?

Hmmmmmmm... I think the thing you'll pick up on is that he's been around for a long long time, he watches history unfold, and that sometimes he sticks his tentacles in to impact the flow of events.

Personally, I feel that Karamelle was the perfect world to introduce the concept of the cavities in, before pulling the rug and giving us the explanation that they weren't caused by Karamelle at all. I can't imagine any other world being more effective at the idea. What I'd like to know is, if Karamelle had NOT been the first world, would these cavities (perhaps under a different name) have shown up in the arc's first world based on a different explanation? If so, I'd be really curious to know what that original idea for introducing the cavities or the arc's antagonist was.

The key thing we were trying to nail down at the beginning was that the wizard has turned into a weirdness magnet, and that Something is trying to reach out to you, with crazy consequences. We were juggling a few different possible manifestations, but the cavity idea totally clicked and lit the lightbulb over my head. From a big arc standpoint, the cavities, what's in them and what's behind them is definitely the Big Story - it was perfect that it could masquerade as Karamelle's local story as well. We wanted the ending to be a sudden realization that there's a LOT more going on that you thought. And judging by player reactions, I think we nailed it. (he said humbly...)

Man, so many questions! I'll get your last ones in my next post.

Nov 15, 2018
@ Allison Deathwielder (continued)

Will we get more time to talk to the various Arcanum scholars eventually? In Karamelle's storyline, we really only saw Ione and the newly revealed Maulwurf. The way in which we got our spell via story bypassed the other scholars, which I was a bit sad about because we still know so little about them (Baba Yaga and Ione aside) compared to the time we spent with the Ravenwood professors prior to the Arcanum. I'd love more lore and in general just more interactions with them.

I agree - they haven't had the spotlight time they need. I'm going to see what we can do about that.

This might not be your area, but I've been curious for awhile about a statement made on KI Live (I forget who said it) that Greyrose would have a "peripheral role" in Karamelle. Do you know anything about this, and what it meant, given that Greyrose doesn't have any part in the plot?

The story of a world often changes as we write it: new ideas come up that are better than what we had, or sometimes once you're actually in there making dialogue sometimes you realize things need to change. Lydia's scope in the story is a factor like that - she was in the prequest with Bryce Krispie, but sadly didn't end up with more to do. These things happen.

To close off, I'd also like to ask about the actual writing process. Did you start writing Karamelle prior to the release of Empyrea and/or the Catacombs? Is a world's script something that's finalized long before a world is ready to release, or do you work with art and other departments to mold the writing throughout the stages of development (such as the final design for an environment giving you a new idea)? I love hearing how aspects of game development operate behind the scenes, so I'm just hoping this is a good place to ask about it.

In terms of our process, serious work on the next world starts as soon as the content update for that year goes live. Catacombs was a special case because it was between arcs - we'd done some brainstorming, but nothing had been written yet.

We get to be the first to work on a world, but everybody is also depending on us - our script lock is driven by how much time Sound needs to record and edit the VO. Before the script and actual dialogue lock, we have an Outline which is accurate down to the quest goal level - it locks much earlier, so that we can build a good asset list for Art. I'm kind of talking through things backwards here, I realize. Our process goes Brainstorm - Beat List - Outline - Zone Scripts.

All along the way we are talking to art and design to make sure our quest structures make sense and that Art has the time they need to make things. The process goes both ways - sometimes an artist or designer has an idea that's cooler or funnier than anything we came up with, and the story will change to accommodate it.

Nov 15, 2018
LoganN12 on Dec 11, 2020 wrote:

First of I'd like to say I've loved the start of Arc 4. Karamelle was amazing! I have a few questions

1) Is this Divine Nothing that we fight at the end equal in power to the Divine Paradox? It seems to have taken the form of the Divine Paradox so I'd assume so

2) When the Wizard is the "union of opposites"- is this in general terms. As in, they are the union of everything that has an opposite/union of all opposites (such as life and death, space and time, good and evil, etc)

3) This is more so an interpretation than a question: From my understanding, this "Nothing" is a force that has no oppositions or duality to define it, as in they transcend the idea of duality itself. I look forward to seeing where this particular part goes!
1) Well, you beat the Aberrant Paradox in a fight, so I'm not sure it's equal in power. It is, however, very new - your wizard has a lot more battle experience.

2) We had mainly meant light and shadow - I'm not sure if I'd go so far as to include everything under the umbrella there...

3) Somebody's been reading the Mandala side quests, eh? The real question here is if the opposite of nothing is something...

Nov 15, 2018
BenStormDust on Dec 11, 2020 wrote:
I really appreciate you taking the time to respond to our questions, Curator. You've helped to clear up some misunderstandings I've had for years about the game. If you don't mind, I have one last Arc 3 question before moving on completely into Karamelle and focusing on that.

How is it that we are able to use Shadow Magic against Grandfather Spider, and Storm Magic against the Storm Titan? It always struck me as odd to me, how we can actively hurt cosmic beings using the very thing that they embody.Up until now, I've only been able to think of two possibilities: the first being that it's only through game mechanics, and not actually possible in lore, and the second being, that it has something to do with our connection to Bartleby as his scion, since Bartleby is the stated source of all magic. Do you have any words on the subject?

P.S, my favorite part about what I've seen from Karamelle has to be the Monstrology entries for the various NPCs (they're really funny). I'm curious, did you write those two, or is that a task for somebody else?
As to entities being harmed by what they embody, you have a nice idea there (your second idea). Also, one could argue that the fact that it came from a wizard at all imbues it with some kind of "otherness" - an observer effect, almost. I'd also point out that lore has to give way to gameplay sometimes - this is a pretty obvious example.

The Monstrology entries are written by one of my team, not me. They are, indeed, really funny. He will be overjoyed to get your praise!

Nov 15, 2018
Master Juan Song on Dec 16, 2020 wrote:
Very sweet story. My buddy Hans had a real tough week, and Judge Veg is someone I won’t forget anytime soon. You guys did fantastic, especially with the strange circumstances we are all living in right now. If I’m allowed to suggest something, I think it would be pretty neat if it came true. Is it possible to implement an NPC for Prudence, Piper, and Phoebe, but you can only see them when you’re in play as your pet mode?

Thanks for your time.
Thanks for the kinds words, and as regards the familiars, that is an AWESOME idea! I'm sure it would be a serious pain to implement, but I will definitely pass it along as an idea.

Sep 05, 2016
The Curator on Feb 2, 2021 wrote:
1) Well, you beat the Aberrant Paradox in a fight, so I'm not sure it's equal in power. It is, however, very new - your wizard has a lot more battle experience.

2) We had mainly meant light and shadow - I'm not sure if I'd go so far as to include everything under the umbrella there...

3) Somebody's been reading the Mandala side quests, eh? The real question here is if the opposite of nothing is something...
Appreciate the response! This "Nothing" kinda reminds me of Oblivion, who is one of my favourite Marvel characters, as in it seems everything eventually returns to this "Nothing", much like Oblivion, which is why I am really interested in "it". I have thought of a few more questions in the meantime!

1) Regarding Bartleby, it has been stated that Bartleby is the source of Magic, and Magic is a fundamental concept in Wizard101 which has sway in existence, it has also been stated the school trees which embody schools of magic, are just offshoots of Bartleby. In fact, there is even a school in Wysteria that explores duality. so I was just wondering does Bartleby in some way have authority or control over more or all abstract concepts? It is a theory I have considering his place in existence, and him being a creator of the Spiral.

2) More of a broad question, is there any character from any other franchise such as Marvel or DC that you would love to write fully in your own vision? If so, and if possible to answer, what changes would you make to that character?

Apr 15, 2017
I have a few questions! As a bit of a warning, a few of these are pretty out there...

Is Nana in a costume herself like all the Nana's throughout Karamelle are? Have we seen the last of Nana?

I love your work on Pirate, so if Pirate does happen to get more updates (as there seems to be a possibility!) will you be the writer for that?

Also, another small Pirate question, the whale in Jonah Town, is it everlasting? What happens if the whale dies or gets sick? Does Jonah Town fall into the abyss? What happens to the gullet?

As a final question, I know you and Coleman go back. Wizard101 took some inspiration from Toontown, a game that Coleman played. Did you also play Toontown? Was there any Toontown inspiration in any of the writing for the 101 games?

That's all! Have a good one.

Jan 26, 2017
A few more questions came to mind...

1. Do you think we will get references in wizard101 where the old one talks about his cameos in pirate101 puppet shows?

2. We didn't know about the cabals leader for a long time... Does the Arcanum also have a leader? Or are they leaderless?

3. Random pirate101 question... Why is Kane a Buccaneer? Shouldn't he be a privateer? (Or is this a Ratbeard question)

Those are the three questions I had but I really wanted to also tell you some general thoughts I had about pirate101's story. Sorry if this part of the post is a bit off-topic!

I hadn't done a full playthrough of pirate101 in years until very recently. And honestly, now that I'm grown up I'm even more impressed with the story than when I was young. To name a few things that impressed me...

The story represents so many cultures and countries. It has an absurd amount of historical references. The companions narrate the story in such a charming and fun way, and each story companion has so much character. So many of them are so unforgettable. It's without a doubt one of the best stories of any video game I have played. It really is quite remarkable.

Thanks so much for all the work you have done and continue to do! (again sorry if I got a bit off-topic at the end of this post)

Aug 20, 2009