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Vine plants

May 31, 2009
I read on forum that vine plants would drop amber so I planted Silver trumpet vines which never drop amber. I am afraid that if I plant other plants game says will drop amber it to will turn out a wash out. I removed plants and soil and wait till game decides what will and will not drop items then maybe I get back into gardening. Will be nice to just not have to look after plants that do not produce, or chase after a drop that doesn't happen.

Jul 03, 2010
I agree with you. Sadly some of us do put a lot of time and effort into things with no results, it gets defeating.

After a while it does get to a point where we just have to give it up. Some get things right off in the game while others just wonder why their luck is so bad.

I garden for fun, I don't craft anything I don't already or can readily get ingredients for. I seek my level in the game which is very low key. I like the first arc, calm game play and stress relief when I play. I refuse to let all the fun I do have in the game to be ruined by things I can control.

Mary StarGem

Mar 04, 2012
The list of plants that drops amber has not changed since it was posted by Professor Greyrose in June 2012. The link is www.wizard101.com/forum/crafting-gardening/amber-50632 if you have difficulty finding it.

Perhaps spending more time figuring out what to do and less time whining would result in better results. Other solutions can include reading the responses to previous post where others have given correct information, rather than continuing to post the same problem several times with different headers and expect something different to happen. Ultimately though, if someone is still unable to progress despite the information available, gardening and crafting may be beyond them and stopping may be the correct answer.