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To: The Marleybone Royal Botanical Society

May 27, 2013
Dear esteemed members,

I write to you on what I believe to be an urgent matter. I have studied the seed markets of the Spiral and have discovered the supply of cacti seeds woefully lacking in number and variety. A rare convergence of events, however, has brought to me an opportunity to rectify the situation. Still, I cannot fully proceed without your formal endorsement.

First, let me introduce myself. Though my linage is ground squirrel, I have been truly fortunate to study with some of the great mole gardeners and have received a degree in botany from the Marleybone University. After graduation, I began concentrated research on xerophytic plants, particularly those of the family Cactaceae, and spent years committing an in-depth survey of species endemic to the Aztecan dry highlands, Khrysalis dessert and the complete worlds of Krokotopia, Cool Ranch and Mirage. Given that I was able to document over 1,700 unique species, I am saddened that fellow botanists and horticulturists are able to only readily access the two cacti species of Angora Bunny Ears and Prickly Bear.

With your endorsement, I would be able to secure sources for the petit Old Man Cactus, Finger Cactus, Fishhook Cactus, Hedgehog Cactus, Bee Hive Cactus, Star Cactus and even the rare Button Cactus. Also I would be able to obtain seeds for the mid-sized Jumping Cholla, Candle Cholla, Pencil Cholla, the Red Barrel Cactus, the beautiful Golden Barrel Cactus, and the remarkable Knight Blooming Serious Cactus. (One should note that this last particular specie seems to grow best lacking the presence of Laugh-O-Dils.) I would be able to acquire and propagate specimens of the larger Dragon Fruit Cactus and even the mammoth Organ Pipe Cactus! These long-lived, towering beauties are something to behold and hear!

As an addendum, I have come upon a source for the most spectacular planters and pots I have ever beheld. These wonders are produced by the glass workers of Aggrobah. Though the containers are glass, they are thick, sturdy and quite durable. Such is the strength of the construction, the Aggrobahians are able create the only pots in the known Spiral strong enough to hold the largest of plants! The glass workers are true artisans, creating each vessel in patterns of the brightest of jewel tones. The cobalt blues, peridot greens, fuchsias, reds, lemon yellows, and bright oranges make the colors of the Krokotopian pots seem soggy. Perhaps they are bit garish for some of the Marleybonian sensibilities, yet their visual cheerfulness cannot be denied. Of course such artistry does not come cheaply nor is it amenable to mass transport. Due to these reasons, the availability of said planting vessels is quite restricted. I am encouraging the artisans to at least make their wares available through the Aggrobah market place.

I await your affirming reply.

Sincerely yours,
Holly Thornseed
Master Botanist & Gardener