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pink Dandelion

Dec 23, 2009
well i buyed a pink Dandelion from the crown shop ( 500 crowns ) and it in the crown shop it looked pink
so i planted a Dandelion and a pink Dandelion and the pink dandelion was yello like the Dandelion
( i mean is that they look the same )
so i have a question:
should the pink Dandelion look pink not yello?
if no plz add something that they looked difrent
if yes plz change the pink Dandelion to pink or purple

if it's a problem or a bug plz fix this

Nov 18, 2009
The pink dandelion from the crown shop should look pink (not yellow) in the mature stage (when it can be harvested). And the orange dandelion looks orange.

Although the coloring is best when you put the cursor over them in Gardening mode.

Are you sure your pink one isn't still in your Gardening inventory?

Feb 14, 2009
Jun 20, 2009
I got a pink dandelion from a boss in celestia its yellow when it's at young but turns kinda purple when is mature maybe you should just wait a while until it's mature if is not purple then there is a bug then :?

Sep 11, 2010
Plants have a specific Family they belong to (Breadfruit, Dandelion, Cactus, Flytrap, ect). All Young plants in the same Family will look the exact same - they only change looks when they Mature. Once they go Elder, they'll return to looking the same.

You will also note that Young plants do not move. It's not until they Mature that they will display sentience, intelligence, curiousity, and colouring.

Dec 23, 2009