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Moving pots and elder plants

Nov 11, 2010
~ Is it impossible to move pots once they have plants in them?
Planting for the first time i put the pots anywhere i could and now i want to move them!

~I have plants that have got to Elder. they reseeded themselves once and now that they reached elder for a second time, all they have is the name and what their likes are: ie- no harvesting, no needs and not being able to move or reuse the pots.
Is this supposed to happen? and what do i now do with them?

Nov 18, 2009
If you can't harvest something (and, of course, don't have the gardening interface up), try exiting your house area and come back.

I ran into that once or twice, where if I left and came back I could harvest them fine.

I'm pretty sure you can't move a pot that has a plant in it (but you can move an empty pot). If you have low-level plants like Dandelions, they won't last too long so you won't have long to wait :)

Feb 14, 2009
You cant move the pots because if you did the seeds/plants would hover were they were planted, this was a bug in test and that is why you cant move pots now. Second, I don't think your plants went back to adult maybe you mixed plants up. If they have no needs and you still cant harvest them, that means they need time to reset, it usually is 30 hours or less from what i've seen.

Jan 23, 2009
You know I have had plants regress. It happens when you are away too long and they normally have pests and needs. I had one almost die on me and once I took care of everything instead of dying it regressed to youth.

Dec 11, 2008
I was able to move the pots, but the plants did not move with them. I am not gonna say how I did it though, since KI will fix it and make gardening less fun. Of course, someone already stated on central how to remove the pots. But no, I don't think there is a way to move the actual plant after it has been placed in a pot or mound of soil.

-Alex Lifegiver

May 03, 2009
No. You cannot move pots with plants in them. You can move pots without plants in them.