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Is stacking the only effective way to grow plants in bulk?

Feb 03, 2012
Hello. I'm asking because I need snacks. The longer you play the more pets you have. The more pets you have the more snacks you need. Snacks. And not just any snacks, Mega snacks. I have a full large sized garden of Evil Magma Peas and... I need more snacks for pet breeding and maxing out pets. I've heard of stacked gardens but they make me uncomfortable because of how they look, and they feel a little cheaty. Multiple castles or gardens eat up too much energy. Are there any other options? Is large size the biggest size that gardening spells will go?

Feb 07, 2012
Don't under rate stacking. It isn't as easy at may appear and I don't think at all "cheaty." I've been stacking for a while now and have been able to create a lot of snacks. The Evil Magma Peas have been great for that. However, it is a lot of maintenance and a fair amount of luck too. Getting the right balance of energy available to stack size is trial and error. Also, stacking over 3 plants has been a lot more difficult.
Happy gardening!

Oct 02, 2010
There is the 69 plot flat garden method, I switched form stacking to single level since it is easier to set up and only requires 1 Low flat table which can be purchased in Mooshu. Just Google wizard101 single level 69 plot gardening

I have several of these set up, the method works for large and medium plots but not small

Dec 30, 2013
The 69 plot flat garden method is a good alternative to stacking as stacking requires crates while the flat garden only requires the Low Flat Table.

You can find tutorial videos on the flat method on Youtube. (I recommend Ferric's "Wizard101: 69-Plot Single Layer Guide")

Feb 03, 2012
Thanks yall! I know stacked gardens are difficult, which are another reason I didn't want to do them lol. I saw something about the 69 garden like a year ago and I was intimidated then. But now I think I'll give it a try