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Is anyone else having issues with harvesting?

Jul 04, 2012
I don't know what is happening, but ever since Ultra plants were introduced I am having serious difficulties harvesting my plants.

The X appears, but nothing happens. I have tried clicking on them individually, logging out and going back in - everything I can think of. I end up leaving about 1/3 of my plants unharvested each day. I'm losing gold and items!

This started the day the Ultra plants were introduced and continues, especially if the plants are not at the Red Barn Farm or Evergreen Botanical.

Speaking of which - can KI PLEASE release a new house that the plants like? I'm so sick of decorating the Red Barn Farm I'm starting to consider just leaving it empty except for the garden. I already have 2 Evergreen bundles - I don't want a 3rd one. PLEASE release a new house that plants like!


Oct 22, 2012
I to am having the same issue. I've found though that if you open the gardening ribbon and click on the objects icon on the far right of the ribbon; then use the mouse and click on each of the plants, I can harvest the plants that way.

Mar 20, 2011
I am having the same problem :( I tried logging out and porting out and nothing is happening...I left about 10 plants unharvested. Help please.

Nov 05, 2011
Today, I was harvesting my alligator pear tree, white laugh o dill and elder ultra boom shroom. It said that I got the experience, but my total gardening experience didn't go up at all. Then I didn't get any reagents or items at all! I wasn't getting anything from drops ether. Is something up?

May 02, 2010
I had issues harvesting evil magma peas, but clicking worked for me