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Idea for new type of of garden spell.

Feb 15, 2009
I think there should be this neat spell that would help many who may be offline for quite a while here is my idea

Minion garden spells rank 2-10 (one at all even number garden ranks.)

Rank 2: Sprite squad-Summons a squad of sprites to care for an area of plants. (All inside or outside.) Plants rank 2- only
Rank 4: Elf assembly-Summons a squad of elves to care for an area of plants in or out. Plants rank 4- only
Rank 6: Unicorn summon-Summons a squad of unicorns to care for an area of plants in or out. Plants rank 6- only
Rank 8:Treant summon-Summons a squad of treants to care for your plants in or out. Plants rank 8- only
Rank 10: Forest Friends-Summons all these creatures to care for an area of plants in or out. Cares for any rank of plant

These spells all take 35 energy to cast. A cool thing could be that if your at your house you can see them actually cast growing spells to care for the plants. The minions will harvest plants when ready and keep every reward except half of the xp earned, this xp will automatically be trasferred to your characters xp rather or not you are online. Also, minions will not harvest elder plants.