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Golden Couch Potatoes

Jul 20, 2012
Hey guys, I just got a seed drop in test realm: Golden Couch Potatoes. looks like there's a new, possibly better couch potatoes in the spiral. I had got the drop from a foe with the name of: Sea Chicken Pirate. its reward tier is: 6, challenge tier is: 4, likes: king parsley, dislikes: stinkweed, requires: enchanted soil, requires: large plot, gardening rank 2+ only, no auction. seems our couch potatoes gardeners are going to have a farming time getting these shiny seeds. their couch is purple colored, their skin or course is gold color, their TV is dark grey colored, miss gold couch potato's hair looks less vibrant red than original miss couch potato, and mister gold couch potato's hat looks of a greenish color. Any comments about this, go for it :)

Mar 27, 2011
Mar 12, 2013
Please be so kind as to stick it in the ground and see what it drops :)

I have 11 gardeners who would be glad to, but fate has not given me a chance with this rare seed.

Jul 09, 2010
OOHMaybe they will be ultra possible and the Ultra version will be Mr. & Mrs. Potato and 3 baby Tater Tots (I asked for them last Test )

Jul 20, 2012
ok, so I finally harvested the elder golden couch potatoes.
it gave 300 gold,
a golden peanut snack rank 4,
golden biscuit snack rank 4,
golden candy bar snack rank 4,
and gave a black eyed pea snack rank 7 on the elder harvest.
and it did not give back a seed.

I suppose in my opinion, not that good. regular couch potatoes are still best by far from the red and golden couch potatoes. stick with regular potatoes.

Oct 22, 2012
I got pretty much the same thing. I was only able to get one mature and the elder harvest since test realm is down over the week end.
My elder harvest was pretty much the same as yours. But I got a rank 7 fuzzy peach fizz (10 xp) instead of the black eyed peas. No seed, tc's, reagents, etc.