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do i need more than one garden pixie ?

Jun 28, 2016
when i applied pixie to one of my couch potatos the rest of them got the likes:pixie line so do i need to apply pixie to only one plant and it will apply the speed boost to the rest or do i still need to put a pixie on all the remaining couch potatos??

Jan 18, 2010
I assume you do not stack your plants, but usually, one pixie within the center of your garden works.

The 'like' affects all plants within relatively close proximity to the pixie.

You can also click or place your cursor on each plant to see if the pixie's effect reaches it.

If not, just use another pixie on said plant.

Jun 16, 2010
Each "Like" has an invisible radius much like the large circle garden spells.

For example if you have a widely spaced out garden, an item at one end won't always reach to the other.

Just as the housing item "likes" work, you will only need 1 pixie within the large circle

I personally always cast 2, just to be safe, usually one on either side of the garden, so that everything is for sure included.

Hope this helps~